"Functioning as a classic power trio, Fuzz Beloved were fuelled by the outstanding guitar of Kevin, which added to the fine material, created a body of work that has class written all over it. Once again heavy psych is the order of the day, grungy/stoner riffs and softer passages, merging together as the distant voice of David Melbye knits it together, giving the songs a gentler tone than the guitar would suggest."
--Terrascope OnLine

Fuzz Beloved:
"Self Titled LP"

  1. Intro
  2. Happy Communing
  3. Xenia
  4. Sweet Devil Child
  5. Solipsism
  6. Dead Balloons
  7. Fleeting Planet Earth
  8. Of Eden
  9. Upside Down Smile
  10. Wanderer X
  11. Sun Charade
  12. As it Were
  13. Kiss My Brainchild

Fuzz Beloved - Fuzz Beloved