Dark/Heavy Demo

August, 2011

Heavy Water Experiments Dark/Heavy Demo Reviewed in LA Record!

"...At its very soul, this is an album of acid-scorched psychedelia barreling straight out of the 1960s...But HWE takes these psychedelic roots and gnarls them into something much darker and, for lack of a better word, heavier...The ability to coalesce so many obscure and wonderful influences into such a cohesive mixture requires a level of geek cred that borders on inhuman."

June, 2011

Heavy Water Experiments: New Album Release!

At last, Intrepid is making Heavy Water Experiments' mellower acoustic-oriented album available as a digital release.  Visit the HWE artist link or our store to purchase it!

May, 2011

Heavy Water Experiments: Live Video Taping

HWE will be playing live at King King in Hollywood on May 12th.

Click here for more info.

January, 2011

Heavy Water Experiments to play main stage, main slot at Telemagica Festival 2011

Click here here for more info.

November, 2010

Heavy Water Experiments: new dark/heavy demo posted on YouTube.

Click the following links to view the videos:

Philosopher Queen
Black Glass Chateaux
Downward Spiral Stairways

September, 2010

Digital Re-Release of Former HWE Debut Album.

Click here to buy it at the Intrepid Shop!