Fuzz Beloved

While Nirvana was reigning supreme with their pop-grunge sound, and bands like G&R, STP, and Soundgarden were making their own varied attempts at Led Zeppelin, an LA-based power trio called FUZZ BELOVED were attempting their own interpretation of psychedelia--with classic influences such as: Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Cream, and Blue Cheer. They rehearsed out in Van Nuys at a dismal rehearsal facitily off of Sherman Way which still functions as such today. They gigged around LA, organized two psychedelic festivals in the Mojave desert, and even pulled off a summer diy tour of the US in 1994. But, as fate would have it, the band did not continue. Mark, the drummer, wanted to pursue his mechanical engineering career, and the guitar player, Kevin, felt he could not pursue a professional career as a music executive and keep a band going at the same time. David, the bass player, departed for Europe to cleanse himself of the frustration of seeing so many weekends and years wasted on a project he deeply believed in. Nevertheless, prior to breaking up, the group managed to record a magnificent full-length album, which has remained shelved until now. It was recorded in the church-like living room where David grew up--in the hills of South Pasadena. On the album, Kevin and David alternate vocal parts and sometimes harmonize together. David alternates between 4 and 8-string bass and also plays acoustic guitar on two tracks. Kevin's guitar work is nothing short of brilliant, and so it was a shame to see him eventually move away to Thailand never to be heard from again...Pick up your copy of this rare achievement today.


Dead Balloons



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